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Written by on December 2, 2018

A few weeks back we were informed that Shoutcast (the company who supply the software for our streams) were removing some functions behind a paid subscription model.  This ultimately in time will force us to pay more for the service we currently receive.  It’s because of this we’ve made the move to Icecast which remains free open source software.

Because of this move, some of our listening links have changed.  Our website & Internet-Radio listing remain the same, but some of the third party links listed on Internet Radio directories will no longer work.

We will in time contact these companies to update our information, but would encourage you to use Tunein or listen directly from our website.

2 December 2018: 

Most updates have now been sent to the internet directories and will update in the next coming days. 
Mobile App – Now updated and functional. 


RDR Team

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